Zip line and Canopy Tours are exhilarating and we try to transfer that emotion into our trainings! During our high paced training, participants will be engaged through hands on learning, skill building, practice and testing. We have highly experienced trainers to ensure the best possible program. Our trainings are designed based on industry practitioner certification standards and developed specifically for the needs of Zip line and Canopy Tour clients. Trainings include a manual for each participant and paperwork for each trainee including skill a verification worksheet, self-evaluation and written test.

We Can:

  • Train on a variety of course designs and styles
  • Provide training for new staff
  • Provide skill verifications and audits for existing guides
  • Develop a customized training manual for your site
  • Offer Level 1 training for beginning staff
  • Offer advanced Level 2 and 3 training for experienced guides
  • Provide continued education workshops for managers and staff